Sector Design wins prestigious UK Climate Week Challenge Award.

It has been announced today that Sector Design is the winner of the 2012 Climate Week Challenge Award.

The panel of judges comprising Liz Bonnin (BBC1’s Bang Goes the Theory), Kate Humble (presenter BBC2’s Springwatch), Sophia Myles (star of Spooks), Bruce Parry, (adventurer and BBC2’s Tribe), Helen Skelton (Blue Peter presenter) and Michaela Strachan (presenter BBC2’s Autumnwatch) voted Sectors Green Tea Project as the best workplace entry.

Judge Cath Senior who is Head of Understanding Climate Change at the Met Office summed up the panel’s opinion of Sector’s proposal: “I loved the simplicity of this and the recognition of exactly these same patterns occurring at workplaces (such as mine) all over the country.”

Alex Hunt, Project Manager at Sector Design said: “We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award. It is very encouraging to discover that the expertise and methodologies which Sector has developed to help our clients to reduce the impact of their POP activity has enabled us to be favourably compared to the UK’s most environmentally responsible companies. Congratulations to everyone who took place, and to the panel of Judges, for helping to prove that Sustainable Business is not an oxymoron.” Sector Managing Director Andrew Hampson concludes “It is very reassuring to find that our approach to solving sustainability challenges is not only best-in-class within POP, but also within wider UK industry. In addition, our entry highlights our ability to leverage emerging technologies and repurpose them in new ways to meet clients’ challenges.”

For more information about our entry, click on this new story on

To read the full announcement of the winners, click on this link which takes you to the Climate week website.

To find out more about how we work email for a booklet called “In 2012 you can have your POP any colour… …as long as you consider green”.

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