The Joy of six - 2012 POPAI AWARDS

[London 23.10.12] Sector Design is pleased to announce that we have been awarded an unparalleled six POPAI Awards at this year’s gala event in central London. Given the number of times we were invited onto the stage to collect our Gold and Silver trophies, the event compare Paul Ross began to refer to us as ‘the regulars’.

Director Patrick Bell commented “The joy of winning six awards is that we won in five different categories ranging from disruptive impulse purchase drivers to user experience zones in high ticket, multi-channel technology markets. This helps to demonstrate that our reinvigorated team and the methodologies we use make our clients winners in all consumer categories.”

In conclusion Bell added “We are pleased to have participated in this opportunity to help raise standards in our industry. It seemed to me that this event genuinely showcased our industry’s potential to enable market-leading brands reinvent their instore experiences for the next generation of retailing. Congratulations to all our team, clients and production partners, and to all other winners.”

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