Pop-up-shop for Marshall Headphones and Ben Sherman.

With headphones increasingly blurring the line between technology and fashion, one of the biggest names in sound, Marshall Headphones, has created a Pop-up-shop in collaboration with one of the biggest names in fashion, Ben Sherman.

To celebrate 50 years of Marshall products, Sector helped to establish this Pop-up-shop in one of Ben Sherman’s flagship stores in the trendy Spitalfields area of London, Englands – the city where the Marshall brand began in 1962.

This showcase includes many props and posters from the period to help remind visitors of the heritage and authenticity behind this seminal brand. A dais used to present the product uses simple pallets which both symbolise the simplicity and make the product the hero. Timber blocks provide simple stands for the headphones themselves, and enable consumers to experience the rich and crunchy big stage sound which the commemorative headphones deliver directly to the ears.

Wes Bloxham, Studio Manager, Sector Design.

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