Sector takes green steps to Climate Change Award short list

Sector Design has been short-listed for the UK National Climate Week Challenge award. The challenge is designed to raise awareness of climate-related issues by identifying companies whose creativity, teamwork, environmental knowledge, problem-solving and communication skills can be applied to a single, generic nationwide assignment set by the organisers.

In response to the challenge we modelled an initiative which enables us to make free cups of tea in the office – we called it ‘The Green Tea Project’. Sector Project Manager Alex Hunt explains “This would be achieved by repurposing existing pressure pad technology to produce kinetic energy as a simple, cost-free by-product of the footsteps we take as we move around our studios creating, developing and deploying POP programmes. This in turn would be stored to boil our water.” He added “Given the vast vats of tea which our Creatives constantly consume, we can project a pretty rapid ROI!”

Having estimated that this initiative can both generate sufficient energy to supply our tea/water boiling requirement we then looked at scaling and transitioning the solution for use in the retail environment. The possibilities are very exciting… Imagine if a supermarket could capture the energy created by the pedestrian flow of its very own shoppers, and use it to power the store. Wouldn’t that be something?! You read it here first…

As with so many of the initiatives which we have undertaken since adopting our sustainable business model in 2008, we really enjoyed this challenge. In addition, our participation in this nationwide exercise has prompted the attention of the business press with a feature on our commitment to responsible and sustainable business principles due to be published.

If you would like more information about the work we do to reduce the impacts of our clients POP activities, please arrange to come and visit us. The kettle is always on…

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