Puma: “Fair, honest, positive, creative”

As most pub quiz fans know, Puma was started in 1948 when two German brothers, who ran a shoe factory, decided to go their separate ways. One founded Adidas and the founded Puma. Puma has grown to become a global brand supporting many elite athletes including Pele and Usain Bolt.

Puma is committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting creativity and sustainability. PUMA.Safe is a program that includes their initiatives and commitment for environmental protection. They are complemented by a range of programs which focus on implementing cleaner, safer and more sustainable systems and processes within the supply chain.

Although the company owns its own agency, Puma turns to Sector when it requires specialist POP expertise to drive sales instore whilst also seeking ways to uphold their commitments to the environment. Projects range from an extensive boot-wall specially commissioned for leading UK sports retailer JJB, to various generic units for multiple retailers.

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