O’Neill: Increasing European consumer sales by 70%

Everything about O’Neill epitomises the San Franciscan community where Jack O’Neill created the company in the 1950s - first in, last out; innovation fit for rugged purpose. From humble beginnings, making simple wetsuits in his garage, the company has consistently improved surfing technology, expanded its product range and become a leading global brand.

In recent years, the company faced a challenge. Over the years, they had gradually built a range of POP units which were individually fit-for-purpose, but lacked a cohesive feel and sufficient flexibility to merchandise their growing product range. Moreover, their agency lacked the specialist creative processes to achieve their aspirations.

The resulting retail system has become a central strand of O’Neill’s European success. It provides ultimate flexibility, empowering individual retailers across the continent to constantly adapt their O’Neill product offering to suit seasons, launches and consumer appetite. ‘On introduction, sales of some key products increased by 70%’ – Ricky Smith, Sales Director, O’Neill Europe.

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